Monday, 7 May 2012


I really am a bit rubbish at this blogging malarkey! I remember being the same with diaries as a youngster - started with good intentions and by March the diary pages were consistently blank.......... Anyhow, I did eventually recover from the bug and get some acetate so was able to finish the card for a Male 40th but have realised I forgot to take a picture of it! My client fortunately took some pictures of the cards displayed but it is a bit blurry. The footballer has a front and back and is mounted on acetate so as you open the card, you get his rear view.  The card you can just see on the left was also made by me for his little girl to give him - the magnolia Tilda was perfect as they both have curly long hair; coloured blonde everyone commented on how much the image looked like his daughter (as I had hoped!).


  1. your doing so well on developing your blog, lots of cool ideas is a bit confusing at fist i must agree I'm still learning myself do pop by and follow my blog too xxx

  2. Thanks Belinda and for the tip! Popped over to yours and am following - glad someone else has the odd non crafting elements to their blogging too. Sad the little owl didnt make it :( but at least his end was swift and painless x

  3. Hello, welcome to blog land I am sure the more you blog the easier it will become. There are some helpful videos on google on developing your blog. Your card is great and I am a new follower. I do hope you will hop on over and have a look at my blog I have only been blogging for 15 months and it was daunting at first for me too. Have a fab day and I will be following your blog. Hugs xxxx

  4. hi
    love the card, im new to blogging too, im rubbish at it but its fun , good luck with yours xx

  5. Wow your cards are lovely :) . I also cant get the hang of it so have not been on it for ages. I do hope you have fun with yours
    Luv caroline xx

  6. Brilliant.... i've used this image in the same way x Happy Blogging x


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