Thursday, 13 December 2012

As you can see, life with a new baby has left no time for blogging let alone crafting! I still follow the work of others however, plus hope now that he is getting older and more independent, that I may get the odd minute or two at my craft desk soon! Anyhow, I am entering a Blog Candy draw here: Blog Candy
Please check out her site!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Fans of digi-images should check out C-Dee designs. Her original artwork features some great characters, including one of the best witches I have seen! Currently offering her Pumpkin Patty and one other as a prize for sharing her blog:
She also has a Facebook page of her own plus is part of the Promarker Paradise page (her designs are excellent for PM work!).
Check her out!!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Aqua Markers this time!

Just seen a fantastic project on the Letraset site, featuring their 20 new colours for Aqua Markers. The divine Debbi is giving away a full set on her blog: If you haven't seen any of her work using both Pro and Aqua Markers, you really need to check her out, her shading and construction are sublime!

Saturday, 30 June 2012

Another commission completed....

I was asked a while back to do a wedding card for a friend to give her sister, who was getting married in July. She wanted a Bookatrix style card and the colour scheme for the wedding was royal blue and white. Not long after I had made a start, I discovered I was pregnant! My motivation and energy have flagged since as the impact on my diabetes was quite incredible. Additionally, it meant we need to get the house sorted rather urgently so spare time when I am able tends to involve painting etc. I finally finished however, so this is the end product.

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Facebook in its wisdom has decided all blogspot addresses are spam and marked them as abusive! We can thus no longer post links to our blogs to our fellow crafters on FB! Kind of defeats the whole "social networking" aspect eh?!

Friday, 18 May 2012

Starting to get my head around cyber world and especially Blog Candy. This is basically where someone is giving away craft stash on their blog. Just entered my second one at the talented site of Wiccababe (Debbi Glennie) @ blogspot who is giving away metallic Pro markers, as she has been creating with them recently to wonderful effect. Check out her work on the Letraset Blog.

Monday, 7 May 2012


I really am a bit rubbish at this blogging malarkey! I remember being the same with diaries as a youngster - started with good intentions and by March the diary pages were consistently blank.......... Anyhow, I did eventually recover from the bug and get some acetate so was able to finish the card for a Male 40th but have realised I forgot to take a picture of it! My client fortunately took some pictures of the cards displayed but it is a bit blurry. The footballer has a front and back and is mounted on acetate so as you open the card, you get his rear view.  The card you can just see on the left was also made by me for his little girl to give him - the magnolia Tilda was perfect as they both have curly long hair; coloured blonde everyone commented on how much the image looked like his daughter (as I had hoped!).

Monday, 30 January 2012

Things are taking off...........

I'm not in the office today, poorly with IBS - I have noticed that a lot of crafters have health issues; guessing that when you are unwell, crafting provides respite and it does truly soothe the soul! I am having a quick break in between developing a training package that I am delivering in February. So the orders are now coming in for my cards, I am really loving the challenge of coming up with bespoke cards for each commission. Someone at work's daughter is 30 soon so she wanted a card for this. Her daughter is a petrol-head however so she did not want a "girlie-girl" card, rather something incorporating her love of cars (the whole family race cars) and also as they are all going to Florida to celebrate, she wanted Florida in the design somewhere. I am quite pleased with the result!! Another work colleague wanted a card for a friend who had had triplets. This was a challenge as there were two boys and one girl. A lot of baby themed papers are either pink or blue and of course, I had both genders to cater for! Also peel-offs and sentiments can be found for twins but I could not find triplets! I therefore improvised from my craft stash and also found a great paper from Forever Friends range that was not pink or blue. My brother was 50 this month so I made a card for him - he is a classical musician. Realised I am a bit short on male stamps other than football or DIY or cars so I need to have a look for some but in the interim, I had a card to send. I decided to go simple and include a picture of him instead. It turned out ok, but I would have preferred something more complex if I had had the materials available to me. The photos never upload in the order I select them for some reason but you should be able to work out which is which!!

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Oh dear, I'm not very good at this!

There is clearly a reason why I am so late to blogging: something to do with my forgetting to update it suggests Luddite tendencies! So what's been happening since last time? Unbelievably I lost another cat - Seth had a brain lesion and starting having seizures. After one that did not stop in 2 hours, my vet advised me she needed to go. The devastation of losing 3 in such a short time is beyond words but is the sad reality of having cats aged 14/15/16. So what about cards - well the 60th female was well received and I also was asked to make a 60th male - the customer chose a La Pashe stamp for her husband. She insisted on paying me more than I asked for as well, which was a lovely vote of confidence. I've just been asked to do a Bookatrix for a wedding in July so am part way through that. Dawn Healds card swap group goes from strength to strength and I have just sent in my December and January swaps (Sweet treats and Cats/Dogs). I got some craft items for Christmas, I used my new Marianne Designables folder to make my Thank You cards. This morning my next auto-delivery from QVC of the Martha Stewart PATP/PAAP came so I have made a card with the PATP set.