Saturday, 7 January 2012

Oh dear, I'm not very good at this!

There is clearly a reason why I am so late to blogging: something to do with my forgetting to update it suggests Luddite tendencies! So what's been happening since last time? Unbelievably I lost another cat - Seth had a brain lesion and starting having seizures. After one that did not stop in 2 hours, my vet advised me she needed to go. The devastation of losing 3 in such a short time is beyond words but is the sad reality of having cats aged 14/15/16. So what about cards - well the 60th female was well received and I also was asked to make a 60th male - the customer chose a La Pashe stamp for her husband. She insisted on paying me more than I asked for as well, which was a lovely vote of confidence. I've just been asked to do a Bookatrix for a wedding in July so am part way through that. Dawn Healds card swap group goes from strength to strength and I have just sent in my December and January swaps (Sweet treats and Cats/Dogs). I got some craft items for Christmas, I used my new Marianne Designables folder to make my Thank You cards. This morning my next auto-delivery from QVC of the Martha Stewart PATP/PAAP came so I have made a card with the PATP set.

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