Saturday, 12 November 2011

Not again!

Unbelievably, so soon after Sammy, I had to take his mother Bella to the emergency vets just after midnight. She had had a stroke and the prognosis was poor. So sadly, I said goodbye to her in the early hours. My plan for today had been crafting but that hasn't worked out too well as yet. I am a bit bleary eyed, having not got to bed until 2:50am and then up at 8:30am as I am on Duty! I will be playing later however, as I got my T!m Holtz Limited Edition, Winter Season Distress Inks on Friday and want to have a play with them and some embossing plates for Christmas. Got a couple more people now asking about getting cards made, so if I can recoup a little bit of the amount I have spent, that would be good! I will post pics of this weekends experiments later.......

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